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error during ssl handshake with remote server returned by

proxy https failed to enable ssl support for

abstractkernelcontroller error installing to real name vfsfile

sssd failed to read keytab default no such file or directory

/etc/krb5.keytab missing

failed to load steamui.dll 2016

dc++ failed to create port mappings

skyrim failed to initialize renderer fix

module diskearly power on failed failed to lock the file

instantiation failed for module "sql"

a general system error occurred: wipe disk failed: failed to complete wipe operation.

rsync failed to stat permission denied

warn security.usergroupinformation: priviledgedactionexception

postfix failed to start centos 6

pes 2013 failed to initialize fix

service msexchangetransport failed to reach status running

smtp error: failed to connect to server: (0) smtp connect() failed

snort error failed to lookup interface

failed to commit changes to dconf cannot autolaunch dbus without x11 $display

process launch failed failed to get the task for process xcode

failed to initialize authentication interface exiting cs

error: failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': no such file or directory

cmd.exe application error the application failed to initialize properly oxcoooo142

wmi repository is inconsistent

failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads bower

error the application failed to initialize properly 0xc00007b

failed to authenticate with proxy maven

error deploying artifact failed to transfer file return code is 400

sims 4 error rld.dll failed to initialize

failed to process jar for tld files java.util.zip.zipexception error in opening zip file

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